PrepMate MultiStation


  • Adjustable Working Heights
  • Multifunctional Workstation
  • Four Total Lock Castors Provide A Stable Working Surface
  • Range Of Sizes Available
  • Easy To Clean
  • Multi-rail Designed To Hold Standard 18×24 Cutting Board

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Multi-Height: Capable of 5 work surface heights (35-1/8″ — 39-1/8″). Perfect for multiple employee heights and tasks.

Mobile: Tasks can be done in multiple locations and can save time and labor.

Stable: Four Total Lock casters provide a stable work surface. Both the caster wheel and the hub lock.

Easy to Clean: Wipe down and able to be taken apart without tools for sanitation.

Construction: Based on Metro Super Erecta commercial grade shelving systems with 1″ shelf adjustability, 800lb shelf load capacity, and unlimited configurations.

Sizes: PrepMate is available in 18″x24″, 18″x30″, 18″x36″, & 18″x48″ sizes.

PrepMate is a multifunctional workstation designed around the operator to eliminate space constraints and increase overall productivity. Chop, slide, clean, store or serve in a smaller footprint. Tall or short, you can get comfortable and be more productive because Prepmate comes standard with 5 height adjustments. Prepmate is efficiently sized & accessorized to maximize space and allow for a streamlined process and workflow.

  • Adjustable working heights
  • Multifunctional workstation
  • four total lock castors provide a stable working surface
  • range of sizes available
  • easy to clean
  • multi-rail designed to hold standard 18×24 cutting board